PRO K is a new retirement option under USPTA Retirement Gold+ program. With PRO K you are now eligible for a 401k plan even though you are self-employed. It is a plan that allows you to contribute as little or as much as you desire up to the possible total limit of $60,000. You benefit from the institutional buying power of a 401k plan which provides investment options you cannot obtain on an individual level and at much lower investment expense. Most importantly there is tax free access to your retirement funds via the loan provisions in the plan. The operating cost of a full service 401k plan is typically out of reach for even a small company. The master plan design of the program and the relationship with the USPTA has made affordability easy.

USPTA PRO K - Overview


Contribution Levels

There are two contribution levels. There is a “Salary Contribution” which allows 100% of pay up to $18,000 with an additional $6,000 if over age 50. On top of that there is a “Profit Sharing” contribution which is capped at an additional $36,000 however higher amounts of income will be needed to reach that level.

Roth Contributions

Should your tax situation benefit from a contribution that is taxed today but tax free at retirement, a 401k allows the “Salary Contribution” to be classified as Roth thus providing a substantially higher limit than a Roth IRA.


You can take up to 50% of your account balance, including rollovers, at any time as a loan. The loan interest is set by regulation however the loan rate is academic in that the interest is paid back to you. People have found this feature particularly helpful to meet short term cash needs.

Retirement Account Consolidation

You can transfer your current IRA or 401k accounts into this plan. By doing this you avail yourself to what could well be lower expenses, more attractive investments, and access to the funds you cannot source elsewhere. Moreover, your entire retirement account can be calibrated to your retirement needs and goals.

Institutional Investments

In a 401k plan fund companies will lower their minimums for their lowest cost fund shares or have special share classes. 401k plans also enjoy an investment called Stable Value where you can invest without market risk and receive a return better than a cash account.

Investment Management

Funds for the program are pre-selected, monitored and replaced when indicated by the investment fiduciary as is practiced in a 401k plan. You will receive personal guidance on what fund options best fit your investment goals.

Simplified Administration and Comprehensive Service

Compliance with the 401k regulations is handled for you. That includes the 5500 filing. The client service phone is answer directly by service staff ready to help. A participant website with account information and transaction ability is provided.


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