USPTA Retirement Gold+ is a supplemental retirement program tailored exclusively for the United States Professional Tennis Association and its certified professionals.  USPTA Retirement Gold+ allows tennis professionals to contribute to their own personal retirement plan, either on a qualified or non-qualified basis, and may also allow their employer to make contributions to the plan as well.  USPTA Professionals can also earn incentives through the USPTA Retirement Gold+ Vendor Sponsorship program. 

USPTA Retirement Gold+ offers several ways to fund their personal retirement account:

USPTA Professionals can personally contribute to their own accounts. The professional controls both the frequency and amount contributed on his/her behalf.  Systematic contributions may also be established, taken directly from either the professional’s account or a participating employer.

Since many USPTA Professionals do not have a retirement option available through their facility, USPTA Retirement Gold+ participants can elect to establish a qualified retirement plan (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA), depending on their employer’s willingness to participate in a plan.

Employers can also elect to contribute to a non-qualified retirement plan on behalf of the USPTA Professional.  Under such an arrangement, the employer can contribute any amount to a professional’s account as a perk, bonus or a portion of salary without dealing with the restrictions of a qualified plan.  The USPTA professional receives a contribution to his/her retirement account, so everyone wins. 

Select vendors will contribute an incentive to participating USPTA Professionals, which will be directed to the personal retirement account selected by the professional. Member must also be in good standing with the USPTA, who will validate all persons requesting participation in the vendor sponsorship program.

Investment selections will include fixed interest annuities, fixed indexed annuities, variable annuities, mutual funds or managed money accounts, with each plan being customized to meet the individual needs and goals of the participating USPTA professional.  The investment returns will vary, and not all investment selections provide principal protection. 

The USPTA Retirement Gold+ program provides a number of retirement planning options, allowing professionals to elect the retirement program that best suits their individual needs, goals and risk tolerance.  Employer contributions and/or vendor incentives can enhance any personal contributions by the participating professional. 

USPTA Retirement Gold + - Overview

USPTA Retirement Gold+ is a customizable personal retirement planning service for USPTA participating professionals.  Fixed interest, fixed indexed and variable annuity products are long-term financial instruments.  Substantial surrender penalties may be incurred for premature withdrawals from these plans.  Withdrawals prior to 59-1/2 may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty, in addition to any applicable surrender charges.  Annuities are subject to mortality and expense fees, and variable annuities in particular are subject to investment risk.  Products are not available outside the USA. 

Traditional IRAs allow for tax-deductible contributions, subject to IRS limitations.  Gains in the account are tax-deferred until withdrawn.  Distributions are taxable at retirement, and the IRS imposes required minimum distributions after 70-1/2.  Roth IRAs allow for non-tax-deductible contributions, subject to IRS limitations.  Gains in the account are tax-deferred until withdrawn.  Distributions are income-tax free at retirement, subject to the IRS minimum holding period.  Roth IRAs do not impose a required minimum distribution obligation.

SEP and SIMPLE IRAs are employer-sponsored retirement plans for self-employed or small business employers.  Both allow for tax-deductible contributions, subject to IRS limitations.  SEP plans are employer-funded retirement plans; SIMPLE plans are employee-funded, with a matching contribution being made by the employer.  Both SEP and SIMPLE plans have higher contribution limits than Traditional or Roth IRAs.  Gains in the account are tax-deferred until withdrawn.  Distributions are taxable at retirement, and the IRS imposes required minimum distributions after 70-1/2. 

Mutual funds, variable annuities and managed accounts are subject to investment risk, and principal is not guaranteed.  Returns will vary, and are not guaranteed.  Mutual funds and variable annuities are sold by prospectus which contains information on investment options, as well as expenses and associated risks.   Managed money accounts are either sold by prospectus or through a written investment plan proposal  You should read the prospectus and/or investment plan proposal carefully consider the investment objectives, risk, charges and expenses prior to investing. 

Your USPTA financial professional can assist you in identifying the type of retirement plan that best suits your specific needs and goals for the future, as well as your risk profile.  Your financial professional should also provide you with any required prospectus, written investment plan document, enrollment materials or other documents required to enroll you in a USPTA Retirement Gold+ retirement plan program. 


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